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Power-Ex lubricant is one of the best lubricants for your vehicle offering the best performance!Luvya Trading supplies Power-Ex mobil all over Nepal by direct dealership with Company!

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i) 5W30 API SN Fully Synthetic(MULTI GRADE)



i) 5W30 API SN Fully Synthetic(MULTI GRADE)

5W-30 API SN Fully Synthetic is a high-quality motor oil designed for modern automotive engines. Here’s a brief overview:
1)Viscosity Grade:
5W-30 denotes the oil’s viscosity, with 5W indicating its performance in cold temperatures (winter) and 30 reflecting its viscosity at operating temperatures (hot conditions).
API (American Petroleum Institute) SN is a classification indicating that the oil meets the latest industry standards for gasoline engines. It signifies improved protection against deposits, wear, and oxidation compared to earlier API classifications.
3)Fully Synthetic:
Indicates that the oil is synthesized from high-quality, man-made base oils rather than being refined from crude oil. Fully synthetic oils typically offer superior performance, better viscosity stability, and improved protection under extreme conditions compared to conventional or semi-synthetic oils.
This means the oil is formulated to perform well across a range of temperatures. The 5W-30 designation covers both cold starts and high-temperature operation.

Overall, 5W-30 API SN Fully Synthetic oil is suitable for modern gasoline engines, providing excellent lubrication, engine cleanliness, and protection against wear, especially under demanding driving conditions.

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Product Specification

Packaging Size: Can of 3.5 Liter
Engine Oil Type: Full Synthetic
Vehicle Type: Car
Brand: Power-ex
Vehicle Brand: Any

Product Description

Power-ex Synthesis Sport Fully synthetic engine oil

Product Name : Synthesis sport
Api Grade : 5W-30
Available In : 3Ltr., 3.5Ltr

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API CI-4 is a classification for diesel engine oils set by the American Petroleum Institute. This designation indicates that the lubricant is suitable for use in high-speed, four-stroke diesel engines and is formulated to meet specific performance requirements. The “TURBO PLUS” designation suggests that the lubricant may be designed to work efficiently in turbocharged engines.

For accurate and up-to-date details about the API CI-4 TURBO PLUS lubricant, it’s recommended to refer to the product’s technical data sheet provided by the manufacturer or contact the manufacturer directly. The technical data sheet typically includes information about viscosity, performance characteristics, and compatibility with various engine types.

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Product Specification
Brand: Power-ex
Packaging Size: Bucket of 7.5 Litre
Viscosity: 15W40
Oil Type: Semi Synthetic
Model Number: SAE CI-4
Usage/Application: Engine
Vehicle Type: ALL diesel engine BS6 AND TURBO ENGINE

Product Description


i)Better soot handling properties to keep the engine clean.
ii)Outstanding wear protection in all operating conditions.
iii)Exceptional oxidation stability protects against the formation of gums and varnish at elevated temperatures.
iv)Improved engine durability.
v)Helps to achieve longer drain intervals and also keeps top-up requirements to a minimum.
vi)Excellent corrosion protection for reduced maintenance cost and longer engine life.

Engine oil for truck, heavy duty engine oil, Compactible engine oil for truck, bus and Heavy duty vehicle


API CH-4 is a classification for diesel engine oils. It denotes oils suitable for high-speed, four-stroke diesel engines, and they are designed to provide improved control over piston deposits, wear, and soot-related viscosity increase. The “TURBO PLUS” designation suggests that it may be formulated to work efficiently in turbocharged engines.

For accurate and up-to-date information about the API CH-4 TURBO PLUS lubricant, I recommend checking the product’s technical data sheet or contacting the manufacturer or supplier directly. They should be able to provide detailed specifications, recommended applications, and any other relevant information about the product.

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Product Specification
Brand: Powerex
Packaging Size: 10 Liters
Viscosity: 15W40
Model Number: SAE CH-4
Usage/Application: Engine
Vehicle Type: ALL diesel engine

Product Description
Thermal and oxidation stability
Controls sludge build-up and deposits
TBN reserve Deposit control
Stay-in-grade shear stability
Reduced oil consumption and wear protection
Excellent detergency/dispersancy
Cleaner engines and longer engine life
Component compatibility
Longer gasket and seal life



Fully Synthesis Sport 5W-30 API SN


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